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Welcome to the Georgia National Guard Spouses Page. We are excited about the opportunity to come together as Georgia National Guard Spouses.

Let's Get Started:

This is the official Georgia National Guard Spouse Page created by our senior leadership spouses and we fully plan on supporting the activities and programs
this group will create for all of you. Members of this group will plan, organize and advertise one official gathering in different areas of our state each month, we
just need all of you to want to have fun, make new friends and learn a little more about your Georgia National Guard! We welcome and encourage you to share
any ideas you may have for our events.

Our hope is that this group will provide opportunities to connect with other military spouses, foster friendships, share resources and increase family support.
We want to build stronger families!

If you would like more information about upcoming events, please join our Closed Georgia National Guard Spouses Group. For security reasons, all event
details/communication will on be on our Closed Group Page.

We are grateful to serve with each of you!
Guardians of the Homefront

We are an all ranks spouses group open to all spouses of the Georgia Air and Army National Guard,
to include spouses of our retired Guardsmen.

The Georgia National Guard Spouses group provides opportunities to build friendships and resilience
through social and educational environments and community service projects.


Georgia National Guard Spouse Fan Page:

Georgia National Guard Spouse Closed Group:
Interested in meeting other GA NG Spouses? We plan and announce events in our Closed Group, click below to join!